Gmail is a free e-mail service provided by Google with useful features and is constantly improving. But Gmail still has a lot of hidden features that even longtime users haven’t discovered. In this article, we will introduce to you 3 tips to manage your Gmail inbox more quickly and efficiently.

===>>>delete all messages in gmail

  1. Select all conversations


In normal, you usually tick each box to select each conversation. But this way takes a little time, you can select all the conversations once by clicking the down arrow icon next to the square icon in the top left corner.

Once you have selected all of the dialog box in Gmail, you can do other operations such as deleting, archiving, … just one click

  1. Display more contacts and messages per page


To display multiple contacts and messages in Gmail, go to Settings (in the gear icon in the right corner of the screen), looking for the Maximum page size section. Here you will see two options: Show conversations per page and Show contacts per page.

  • In the Show conversations per page option, you can choose to display up to 100 conversations.
  • In the Show contacts per page option, you can choose to display up to 250 addresses.
  1. Move to the next conversation automatically

Every time you process (archive, delete, etc.) an open conversation, Gmail takes you back to the main inbox interface by default. You can force Gmail to move to the next or previous conversation automatically instead by selecting the appropriate Radio Button next to the Auto-advance field in the General tab.

There are many Gmail features hidden in plain sight that even longtime users miss. It feels awesome when you discover them!

Wish you successful!



In the process of using Gmail you often receive unwanted emails (spam), although you have set up to block spam. The question here is how to delete all messages in gmail quickly. The following article will guide you how to quickly delete or delete all email in Gmail.


If you do not use all of the email in your inbox anymore,delete them to reduce the size of Gmail. Here’s how to delete all messages in Gmail quickly.

===>> create a gmail account


Step 1: Sign into gmail account. (If you have not Gmail, sign up here)

Step 2: Click your Inbox, to tick all emails in your Inbox, click as shown below:


Step 3: Next, to delete all messages in Gmail, click on trash icon (picture shown below)


Thus, all those emails will be deleted from your inbox quickly, you do not need to delete in turn each emails. just explained how to delete all messages in Gmail. Deleting all your email in Yahoo also similar. Hopefully this tip will help you a lot during use Gmail service.